Equity podcast: Stitch Fix and Sailpoint get their IPOs done


Hello and welcome back to , TechCrunch’s venture capital-focused podcast where we unpack the numbers behind the headlines.

This week we assembled the full crew — Matthew Lynley, Katie Roof and Alex Wilhelm — along with . Palmeri has in Poshmark, Chariot, and ClassDojo, for context.

Her investment in Poshmark made her a perfect guest as we spent the bulk of our time in the podcast room digging through , which wound up attracting both positive and negative commentary on Twitter and in the media.

Here’s Katie’s , and, here’s we wound up in the middle of VC Twitter. The two pieces should ground you in what we were working to understand, namely can you call an IPO a success if it has to price under its proposed range?

If that sounds technical, it is, but the conversation is a good catalyst to help us all understand the world that dozens of unicorns need to venture into; the IPO world of today, that is.

At the end, we also . IPOs! We’ve got them all.

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